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We are launching our new menu today! The new menu is designed better for our kitchen in attempts to streamline service and improve service speeds. Most of these changes you will see in our small plates section where we had to remove some of the appetizers that would take 15-20 minutes to cook to order.

We have also expanded our selection of chicken wings, adding exciting new flavors such as Thai Dragon Wings, Yuzu Miso and Korean Black Garlic. Our wing sampler increased in price to 10.95 but you are now able to choose any 3 sauces to sample on your wings. Our wings also now come in 3 sizes, small (7 pieces), medium (15 pieces), and large (25 pieces).

We have also modified the way our Japanese Ramen soups are ordered. Now you will be able to choose your broth, and then choose if you want pork, vegetables, chicken or seafood.

Lastly, we have added Donburi or Japense Rice Bowls to the menu, with choices like Japanese Chicken Karaage Don and Beef Gyudon to a Thai inspired Duck Don. We currently offer 7 different rice bowls on the menu.

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