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The New Year Brings New Changes

Hello Doragon Family,

2021 has been one of the most challenging years the restaurant industry has ever faced, as Covid-19 started to become more controlled, we faced a whole new series of problems like the staffing crisis and the supply chain disasters. We have continued to work, and adjust to the daily changing world, experience new and unforeseen issues that the restaurant industry just never had to contend with before now.

On the bright side, we were incredibly excited to have been nominated in so many categories for the Best of the Best in Metrowest 2021. We ended up winning Best Japanese Restaurant, Best Chicken Wings for the 2nd year, and Chef Alan MacIntosh was named Best Chef. We were finalists in Best Overall Restaurant and Doragon Provisions was a finalist for best grocer!

As we prepare to head into 2022, we are launching Doragon Cafe, where we will serve fine teas, coffee's, and bubble teas. We will also be offering some small breakfast plates, Mochi Donuts,

and other baked items as well. We will also be serving a small lunch menu, different than that of Doragon Ramen. The 1st cafe will open at the same location as Doragon Ramen from 8am to 3pm. At 4pm Doragon Ramen will open as usual.

With the shortage of staff, and the devastated supply chains, we are redoing our entire menu for 2022. We will be reducing the menu considerably, to reduce the amount of prep and staff required. Since everything is done in house, we are refocusing the menu, to offer a higher level of culinary experience, and uniqueness, which is one of the foundations we have gotten away from as the business has grown and gotten busier. Reducing the menu options, and number of items we are having to source, it also gives us the opportunity to offer some unique menu items and experiences during lunch, and to do some incredible new specials for the daily menu.

We will be rolling out this new menu over the next two weeks, and have it fully launched by January 1st!

Chef Alan & Chef Paponake want to thank everyone for their continued support, and patronage through the pandemic, and we want you to know that we appreciate our customers more than words can express! We do this because we love cooking for you, and we look forward to not only cooking for you during the new year, but taking things to a whole new level!

Sincerely, Alan & Paponake MacIntosh

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