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Partners and Co-Chefs Paponake MacIntosh and Alan MacIntosh met in 2015 at an authentic Thai dinner hosted by Alan MacIntosh and held at a local restaurant that Paponake was working at. The couple took their passion for Authentic Asian Cuisine to the next level when they partnered with fellow Restaurateur Mayra Ramirez to open Noodle City.

Noodle City was the first Authentic Asian Noodlery in Massachusetts and is built around the farm to table movement. The menu will focus on Authentic noodle dishes from Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Alan, believes in a sustainable model, sourcing as much as possible from local purveyors and farms, updating the menu seasonally, and only offering the freshest possible ingredients. You wont find big freezers or microwaves at Noodle City. 

Chef Paponake was originally from Thailand, and has spent most of his life working in restaurants. Paponake spent years touring Japan, China, Vietnam before settling in the United States. Chef Paponake takes recipes that he learned as a young when cooking with his mother over charcoal fires, and preparing everything from scratch and adds his own unique twists while honoring the traditions. 

Right before the restaurants one year anniversary, Alan & Paponake bought Mayra's share of the business, and as part of the shift in ownership decided to rename the restaurant from Noodle City to Dragon Ramen. 

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