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COVID-19 Situation

Dear Doragon Ramen Family,

We want to let everyone know that we are taking the current situation with COVID-19 extremely seriously. The safety, health and well being of our staff and our guests is our number one priority. Our mission is to nourish the community with our food, which is why we are exercising extreme caution and taking extraordinary measures to ensure we offer the safest possible environment and experience to our guests.

• Condiments have been removed from the table and will be brought to tables upon request. • All menus, condiments, etc. will be sanitized between guests. • Because of the limited small space, guests are kindly asked to remain outside or in their vehicles while waiting for their table. We will call or text when tables are ready. • All public areas and surfaces will be sanitized continuously through throughout the day. • During the lunch break and at the end of the day, the entire restaurant will be thoroughly deep cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. • Hand Sanitizer stations have been made available next to the front counter, in the rest room, and outside the rest room at the server station. Additional sanitizer stations have been places in key areas for staff.

It is our hope that these extra measures will help comfort our guests and provide assurance that we are making every possible effort to protect your health and provide the best possible experience we can.

We also ask that if your feeling even slightly ill, or are worried about coming in contact with others, that you please avoid coming into the restaurant.We started Doragon Ramen because we believe food brings people together, it makes everyone feel good, and during these trying times, its more important than ever that people are able to relax, unwind and do something that makes them feel good.

Our staff is going to do everything they possible can to ensure the health, safety and well-being of everyone that comes into our restaurant.We hope that you will join us to relax, enjoy some good food, have a beer or sake, share a smile and just feel good!

Sincerely, Alan & Paponake MacIntosh Co-Executive Chefs | Owners

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